Friendstech is a startup in Technology-Based Creative Media Industries. Established in 2015, Friendstech is fully supporting Makassar to be Smart City. Our Services are extended in all field of technology.


Supporting modern society needs and best creative industries in the field of services, empowerment and the use of technology for all levels of Indonesian society.


Empower IT workers in order to realize Makassar Makassar as Smart City . And to improve the quality of service technology in Makassar

Product Portofolio

Website, E-Transportation

Aplikasi Registrasi Smart ILC

Desktop Application, Course

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Our Services


Nowdays, Applications is one of important thing to build a brand and as the value of pride. Therefore, Friendstech provide services in loading desktop, websites, mobile applications in all OS.


Talking about technology, we talk about Internet. Connecting everything in one way, make everything go fast and eficient. Team of Friendstech have your problem networking solved. Feel free to call us.

Visual Design

The most powerful thing that can strengthen a company or an organization through transferring visual message which is creative (original, innovative and smooth), communicative, and efficient.


Hardware is the component of computer that support it works. Friendstech target the technology improvement in Makassar, so we offer not only software but we developed product in hardware.

Our Team

Kasman Suherman

CEO of Friendstech

Maghfirah Suyuti

CMO & UX/UI Designer

Alfian Dirham

COO & Hardware Dev.

Muhammad Fadhli

Web Developer

Ahmad Dedy S H

Web Programmer


Web Designer

Agung Azhari

UI Designer

Rahmat Hamid

Graphic Designer

Nur Ikhsan A.

Video Designer

Our Partner

We've made some collaborations to improve the work and Smart City Development

Contact Us

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  • Address
    Jl. Tun Abdul Razak I, F1 No. 16 Makassar, South sulawesi
  • Telp.
    (+62) 85299933433 / (+62) 82293216030
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